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We work to deliver unrivalled service and expertise in selling property at auction.

Sale by Auction offers some unique benefits for sellers and could be the selling option for you.

SDL Auctions is one of the UK’s largest property auction networks.

SDL established following the SDL Group’s acquisition of the CP Bigwood (now SDL Auctions Bigwood), Graham Penny Auctions (now SDL Auctions Graham Penny) and Humphreys of Chester (now SDL Auctions Cheshire & North Wales) auction businesses in 2016.

In 2017 the combined SDL Auctions network sold over 1,450 lots and raised more than £167m in sales for their vendors across the country.

SDL pride themselves on bringing sales by auction into the mainstream. Regularly featuring on BBC1’s Homes under the Hammer, the company illustrates how auctioning a property can be a genuine alternative to selling via private treaty.

SDL auctions are highly publicised both regionally and nationally in order to achieve the best price for every property – in many cases an auction could prove to be the best method for selling your property.