Ainsworth Lord Estates


We work in partnership with two of the leading, specialist auction houses, Pugh & Co and Pattinson Auctions, to deliver unrivalled service and expertise in selling property at auction

Sale by Auction offers some unique benefits for sellers and could be the selling option for you.


Pugh & Co

Pugh & Co is one of the largest Property Auctioneers in the North of England with a strong national auction reputation to attract buyers from all over the UK and has auction venues in Manchester and Liverpool. Ainsworth Lord Estates perform local marketing to attract local buyers.

Pattison Auctions

Pattinson Auctions has grown to become one of the largest auction houses in the UK. With a national network of partner estate agents such as Ainsworth Lord Estates, live auctions across the country and an on-line platform mean we can sell your property and get you moving.

So what are the benefits of sale by Auction?

  • A non-refundable deposit is paid by the buyer
  • Completion in 4 weeks
  • We have an extensive database of potential buyers and investors
  • Your reserve guarantees a minimum sale price
  • Contracts are exchanged at the auction
  • We will provide a free auction value appraisal