Ainsworth Lord Estates

Meet The Team

Paul Ainsworth-Lord, Lettings Director

Paul Ainsworth-Lord

ARLA Member, NAEA Member, GA

Lettings Director

I am the co founder and director of Ainsworth-Lord Estates, I am direct and in-tune, as I need to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible, I have been in the property industry for over 15 years so I do my best to find everyone the right property and investors what they want.

Deborah Ainsworth-Lord, Sales Director

Deborah Ainsworth-Lord

NAEA Member, ARLA Member, GA

Sales Director

I am the co founder, I am in charge of the sales along with the other girls, I am professional as I will help you find exactly what you want but im also approachable if there is any problems that need sorting, I am hard working as I want the company to run as smooth as possible as well as everyone being happy.

Verity Holmes , Senior Lettings Negotiator

Verity Holmes

ARLA Member, GA

Senior Lettings Negotiator

I am the lettings negotiator. My aim is to make sure landlords properties are let efficiently and with good quality tenants. I progress the application process from start to move in.

Angie Tierney, Negotiator

Angie Tierney



I help out with lettings and sale calls part time, I am organised and considerate as I love helping the other girls to take as many calls as we can, I am determined to get as much done as I can while I'm in.

Fran Eccles, Administrator

Fran Eccles



I help out with the admin work part time, im willing to get as much done as I can as this is a extremely busy role, some jobs in this role can take a lot of time but if it needs to be done then i'll make sure it's done!

Harold Jones, Professional Viewer

Harold Jones


Professional Viewer

I’m a viewer at Ainsworth-Lord Estates, im hardworking and driven to show you the different houses we have to offer, but if the one your looking at isn’t the right one then ill happily suggest some of our other properties that match your needs.

Sarah Lyth, Accounts Dept.

Sarah Lyth


Accounts Dept.

I am the Accountant. I look after the bookkeeping and accounts and take pleasure in providing a friendly yet professional service.

Sally Billington, Lettings Manager

Sally Billington

ARLA Member, NAEA Member, GA

Lettings Manager

I am the Lettings Administrator; I take care of deposits and ensure that they are deposited into the correct scheme. I also make sure that maintenance work is complete to the right standard.

Connor Grunshaw, Creative, Design and Photography Specialist

Connor Grunshaw


Creative, Design and Photography Specialist

I’m the graphic designer; I am keen to learn new things about marketing and design in this industry. I'm reliable to get the job done on time and to do my work to the best quality I can!

Tom Razaq, Accounts Dept.

Tom Razaq


Accounts Dept.

I handle the invoices for contractors work. My aim is to make sure that i get the correct amounts of money back for the work that have been done through our company for landlords

Brian Moran, Maintenance Dept.

Brian Moran


Maintenance Dept.

I'm the maintenance man, I keep track of all the jobs that are going out to our contractors and make sure they are done and they are on time, I am caring and kind but im also keen to make sure everything is running correctly.

Louise Riley, Mortgage Advisor

Louise Riley


Mortgage Advisor

My Job Role - First time buyers House purchase Re mortgage Extra borrowing Buy to let Life cover Critical illness B&C insurance Accident sickness & unemployment

Jack  Holman, Appraisals

Jack Holman



I follow up leads to book appraisals for sales and lettings.

Ray Fielding, Maintenance Dept.

Ray Fielding


Maintenance Dept.

I am part of the maintenance department and I go out to any jobs that are given to me. I will always make sure the job is done correctly and efficiently as possible.

Heather Laycock, Sales Dept

Heather Laycock


Sales Dept

I work in the Sales department, I am very helpful and i will do my best to make sure that you find your perfect home and that everything goes as smoothly as possible

Christine Dales, Professional Viewer

Christine Dales


Professional Viewer

I am a viewer for Ainsworth Lord Estates and i will do everything i can to ensure that I find you the right property to buy or let from us.