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Property Valuations - How much is your property worth?

As a family firm with over 50 years combined experience in the Ainsworth Lord Estate’s office in Darwen, we are the experts in the property markets in Darwen, Accrington and Blackburn, delivering accurate valuations every day across these local areas; where all our staff live as well as work.

We provide free property valuations and advise you on market conditions whether you are:

  • Thinking about selling a property
  • Looking to re-mortgage your house
  • Just interested in finding out the value of your home

Precise valuations are vital especially if you're looking to sell. Often when a property first goes onto the market there is a rush of buyer interest. Therefore, it is essential to set the right price at the very start of the sales process, when your property is new to the market and interest is greatest.

When is the best time for a property valuation?

We strongly recommend arranging a FREE, no obligation, property valuation as early as possible. Once you have an accurate idea of how much your house is worth you can start making plans, whether that be looking to re-mortgage or beginning to look for your next property within the right price bracket - even if you're not ready to sell straight away.

If you value my house do I have to sell with you?

No. You are under no obligation to sell with Ainsworth Lord Estates if we value your home. Even if you’re not looking to sell we would be happy to provide you with an accurate property valuation.

How do you work out what my house is worth?

To give you the most accurate property valuation we need to understand your personal requirements, especially any timescales, and we evaluate the age, condition and location of your property. We also keep a close eye on similar properties in the Darwen, Accrington and Blackburn area as they will be competition for your house and we constantly assess the demand from prospective buyers.

I had a market appraisal one year ago, do I need another one?

The property market in the Darwen, Accrington and Blackburn area is regularly changing so even if you received a house valuation just six months ago you might be surprised by how much it’s worth now.

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