As a family firm, Ainsworth Lord Estates understand that moving home can be one of your own family’s most stressful, as well as exciting, experiences.

That is why we have a panel of local, Lancashire solicitors who promise to make sure your home move is as quick, straightforward and stress-free as possible - so you can look forward to your move to a new home.

Conveyancing is a vital aspect of buying or selling a home as it is the legal process of transferring property from one person to another. Conveyancing law can be complex and time consuming, as there are many things to check and consider (these include property searches, title and local area searches) - this is why the majority of home buyers and sellers employ legal experts to do this on their behalf.

You can rest assured that our panel have been rigorously checked by us to ensure you receive the best conveyancing service possible allowing your house sale and purchase go through quickly and smoothly.


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Looking for Property Investment Opportunities in Darwen or East Lancashire? well your in the right place. In this blog, I will talk about what is happening in the Darwen property market itself, even looking at specific streets and estates in Darwen. At other times, I will post what I consider decent buy to let deals in the town. Some will be on the market with me (as I also sell property and source for investors from all backgrounds and levels of experience), but most will be on the market with other estate agents in Darwen. I like to look at the whole of market and give you, what I consider the best investment opportunities, regardless of which agent is selling it.

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Paul Ainsworth Lord talks about Making Moving Easier

1 July 2021

Paul Ainsworth Lord Talks About Making Moving Easier

Paul Ainsworth Lord from Ainsworth Lord Estates in Darwen talks about “Making Moving Easier” Moving day can be stressful enough, but a bit of forethought can go a long way. For example, many people take the opportunity to clear any unwanted junk out of their homes and lives....

Paul Ainsworth Lord asks “How will the Brexit deal affect Darwen house prices and your mortgage payments

9 June 2021

Paul Ainsworth Lord Asks “How Will The Brexit Deal Affect Darwen House Prices And Your Mortgage Payments

Christmas Eve brought the news that Boris Johnson had conclusively agreed on a Brexit deal for the UK with the European Union. This gave optimism that the economic turmoil of leaving the EU would be radically reduced, yet what will this ‘trade deal’ do to the value of your Darwen...

Darwen Pensioner Homeowners Are Now Worth £544,506,700

11 May 2021

Darwen Pensioner Homeowners Are Now Worth £544,506,700

Darwen Pensioner Homeowners Are Now Worth £544,506,700 How wealth is distributed will always be a contentious issue, especially as the Baby Boomers (those aged between their late 50’s and late 70’s) wealth has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, compared to the...

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